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Canadian Running Guide

Running is so good for the human body that it releases all kinds of wonderful chemical reactions, increasing everything from blood flow through to happiness levels. You can always tell the runners too, they're always bouncing around, never able to sit still. Runners are the life of the party, their bodies so infused with energy, burning fat even when they're just standing around having a laugh. It's no wonder running is once again becoming Canada's most up taken activity, with people of all ages getting into. So if it's been a while since your last run or you're looking to get into it for the first time, have a read through these awesome running tips.

Getting The Gear


First thing you'll need to do is buy a pair of running shoes. Running shoes come cheap, expensive and everything in between. The important thing you'll want to do is find a shoe that really fits your foot. Don't be cheap, but don't just go for the most expensive looking thing on that fancy wall display. If it's been a while since your foot did anything too athletic then you'll want to get something a little cheaper, but still fits snugly, as your foot while change shape after you've been running for a few weeks. At which point you'll want to buy another pair of shoes that fit properly once your feet are in proper shape.


Make sure you buy a few pairs of good running socks. It doesn't matter what will make you look cool, get something that will feel nice on your foot and not wear out or slip about as you run. Socks have upgraded in recent years with all kinds of aerodynamics, materials and cushioning now available. Again as your foot changes shape you can experiment with the new fancy bits later. For now just pick a few pairs of cotton socks. Having a few pairs means you'll always have a dry set to run with, plus as feet tend to get smelly after running, you'll find a few pairs allow you wash them and always have a pair ready to go.


I like to run in t-shirts and shorts. Others prefer singlets and tracksuit pants. The style really isn't important, it just matters that you're comfortable in what you choose to wear. Older clothes work well too.

Water Bottle

If you're just getting back into running you're going to need liquid. Don't forget a water bottle.


Don't start out with a marathon, that’s silly and will hurt your body. You want to start out on a nice flat surface and run a couple of laps at a steady pace. This will give your body a chance to get used to how running feels. After a few times of that you might want to try running up a small hill or along the beach. You'll see the difference in how tired you get from just changing away from a simple flat surface. Ultimately as you train for longer periods of time and start really enjoying the freedom running gives you, you'll start from your front door, run to some destination up and down hills, over grass and gravel and then have a brief break before turning around and running home.


After you've been training for a while you might want to enter into a race or join a runners club. Running with other Canadians is just as much fun as running by yourself, if not more so as the group pushes each other a little harder and you improve together. Often clubs will have race days and group events you can participate and sign up to become a club member.


After you've built up a tolerance to beating the pavement with your feet you might wish to enter a marathon or other community event. These events happen all over Canada and are usually to raise money for some kind of charity or group. Participating with a large group of runners will really test how good you are. Or you can just enjoy the event and have fun running with a big group of people.

Borrowing On Credit Card To Buy Running Gear

If you're just getting into running you'll quickly realize how expensive a basic sport can be. You need a lot of different gear to start off and sometimes you just don't have enough spare cash lying around to afford it all. However you shouldn't let a lack of money stop you from missing out on all the amazing benefits running does for the mind and body. There are ways you can still purchase all the stuff you'll require without needing the cash up front.

Shop Around

Just because you're in a specialty sports store, looking at the most expensive pair of runners they have, it doesn't mean you should purchase them there. Lots of sports stores, big box retailers and nowadays online retailers will offer the exact same shoe for a much lower price. This doesn't just apply to shoes, but all the running gear you could need. Shopping around for better prices is easy and will definitely save you a pretty penny.

In-Store Cards

Lots of retailers now offer their own version of credit cards. Walmart credit card allow customers to purchase items from their store without needing to pay for it up front. All you need to do is to talk with a Walmart staff member about their in store credit card program and they'll take you through the simple application process. So in no time you can be walking out of the store with all your new running supplies in hand and just need to pay back a minimum amount to Walmart each month.

Other stores offer their own cards too and they can be a real life saver, especially if you have kids or a spouse who wants to get into running with you. The other advantage to the store cards is it takes out the hassle of dealing with banks. You shop at Walmart so it only makes sense to have your store credit card.

Traditional Credit Card

A traditional credit card is another way you can afford to buy all that running gear upfront. Banks offer top Canadian credit cards to just about anyone. Whether you have a bad credit history, are a college student, or just a senior citizen looking to get healthy, there are all kinds of cards out there to suit anyone's needs.

The big advantage to a credit card over an in-store card is the amount of interest you'll pay. In store cards tend to have a much higher interest rate than the ones banks offer, meaning you'll end up paying more in the long haul on those cards. Whereas if you find a bank that has a credit card that will work for you, you won't end up with a horrible credit card debt to go along with your new running gear.

To Conclude

No matter what you prefer, as you can now see, there are all kinds of things you can do to not only save money, but be able to buy your new track gear without needing the cash up front.